Friday, June 12, 2009

#29 Something Architectural

This is the building where my boys have taken guitar lessons for the last five years.  I have spent many quiet hours sitting outside this building, reading, working the crossword, or listening to music.  This was the first time I've ever drawn it.  


  1. Ahh...guitar lessons, how I would have wished that my parents would take me into one instead of forcing me to do math problems everyday :) But underneath those math text books, there were always some sketch books, doodles, and strokes made with colored pencils ;)

    Really nice drawing though!

  2. I like the geometric nature of this sketch. And I like the way you suggested bricks without drawing in each one.

    My mom sacrificed much for my guitar lessons. I'm so thankful. Bet your kids will be too, someday.

  3. Great atmosphere there, with the shadows and soft colors. You have a lot of beautiful paintings on this blog - I love the way you compose your pages, too : ) !

  4. I like the misty softness you capture in your paintings. Very pleasant feel to all of them.