Friday, September 24, 2010

"Zydeco" Hand Painted Reduction Linocut

These are reduction linocuts, painted with watercolor and gesso. There are 7 in this series.

"Dancer II" Hand Painted Linocuts

These are reduction linocuts which I then painted with watercolor and gesso to achieved the desired effects. In reduction linocuts, the linoleum block gets cut away each time a new color of ink is used, so at the end of the process the linoleum block is destroyed. For this series, there are 10 prints. The image is 5" x 7".

"Breeze" I, II, and III

These are collographs with pencil, watercolor, and gesso. The image is 8" x 10". In a collograph, a collage is created using textural elements and by cutting away layers of the base, in this case illustration board. Glue, gesso, gel medium, threads, and relief techniques were all used to create the basic plate. After sealing the plate with gel medium, I then inked the plate in various ways for each printing, using dampened Canson acid free 98 lb. paper for the print.