Friday, May 1, 2009

Food Sketches

Food and I go way back.  So I thought, why not spend some time really looking at it?   See some beauty in it instead of always stressing about it.  What to eat, what not to eat, when to shop for food, how much money to spend on food, what to fix for dinner, who likes broccoli, who hates salmon, run out for eggs and orange juice, etc. etc. etc. 

A new approach to food.  


  1. Really, really nice...I especially like the eggshells. I hear ya on the stressing over food part. I have diabetes and three picky eaters to deal with!

  2. These are really wonderful! Water color on paper?
    Our sons are out of the house (the last graduated from college last June) and I am finally at the point where I really enjoy cooking again. When it's a chore, it's a chore!

  3. I have to say I quit stressing over what I eat and when I eat it, and it seems to be working for me; my britches are loose! Lately I'm really into looking at what I eat (thus the FB food photos!) and am now inspired to draw a pineapple. I guess I'll have to go buy one now.

    Thanks, JJ, for posting these tasty tidbits!

  4. I like your eggshells...they're not easy to did good!

  5. these are fantastic! I especially like the onion rings :)