Monday, April 27, 2009

handmade journal/organizer

I've been working quite a few days on this handmade journal.  Each page has an organza pocket for holding papers, bills, checkbooks, ipods, cell phones or whatever.  A few pages have a spill proof design for smaller or more valuable items, like buttons or coins.  I liked the idea of making an artist's book, but then I wanted to be able to use it for everyday life, not just sitting on a shelf somewhere.  Hopefully it will help me to stay more organized! 

      The pages are made from a piece of peltex (or timtex...can't remember the name of it) covered with batting and a piece of silk on which one of my sketchbook pages is printed.  Then I quilted each page.  On the backs of the quilted pages was plain cotton fabric, which I then covered with gesso and embellished with pencil and fine tip pen by writing random thoughts about the image.  Also I used watercolor on top of the gesso. Then when each page was dry I attached organza for the pockets. 

      Finally I stitched it together using a french bookbinding technique, and attached a fabric spine just to neaten it up a bit.  Edges are satin stitched.  I hope you enjoy looking at it and get some ideas to make your own organizing journal!  


  1. Wow, that is really kewl. I like what you did with it. I have used nylon net for pockets, I think I'll try organza as well sometime.

  2. Thank you Leslie, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the organza will be strong enough for real use.

  3. Wow, this blows me away, and talk about inspiration...This turned out so beautifully, I would be loathe to use it everyday, because I am truly rough on my belongings. I love the idea of having everything in one place, though. Organization is on ongoing struggle for me!

  4. What a beautiful journal! Too pretty for bills, cancelled checks, etc. But you have inspired me! I love the organza pockets. I'm curious about what the French bookbinding technique is.